Audio Launch: Pittsburgh

The right tools, the right mindset, and the right guidance.


Mission Statement

Today’s music is not defined by record labels or studios, it’s not important to be hiring a mix engineer to record or master your album, and it’s not necessary to be using industry professional equipment. Today, creating music is about having the right tools, the right mindset, and the right guidance.

Audio Launch: Pittsburgh is taking these tools and creating opportunity for kids to express themselves while learning what it means to create and make music. What this course shows is that there is a synthesis one can have when approaching challenges, that using their creative and logical sides of their brain can yield optimal results. We take passion for art and show the science behind it. Pulling back the curtain on what makes us feel something, we enable these kids to be in control of what they like, while opening them up to new cultures and sounds they wouldn’t otherwise engage with.  These skills will bleed from music into all walks of life and benefit these kids after the first course.

Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.
— Alphonse de Lamartine


Audio Launch: Pittsburgh tackles multiple approaches to music. We break down sound design, song structure, and genre, as much as we talk about entrepreneurship, social media presence, and creative problem solving. This program is designed to teach traditional learning by embedding these skills and knowledge into their music curriculum, they will use their passion for music to drive their education.

Through identifying trends in the music industry, we are able to strengthen our communication and adaptation skills. While we listen to those trends and try to replicate them, we utilize our creative problem solving skills, using art and creativity to influence our engineering and signal flow.  There are so many avenues that a person could take when they get into the music industry. Making music can get into sound design, landing you positions with video game companies or movie scoring. You may have a great ear for music, enabling you to become an A&R or Manager for music labels (as many big artists have started their career with).

Training a young mind to pursue passion has unquantifiable benefits that will enhance everything they do. Having something you believe in to keep you motivated is severely underestimated in today’s education. This very idea is what keeps people imagining a better tomorrow, and better yet, working towards it.