Audio Launch: Pittsburgh

Music Literacy


Chord Structure

Develop an understanding of Chords, Keys, and Progressions to enhance your knowledge of music theory. This is the foundation of your music and will be the overall tone of the songs you create.

Melody Writing

Discovering how memorable melodies can be is immensely important to bettering your own artistic presence. We will seek out to find the balances between complexity and simplicity in your movements.


Where, How and Why layering is so important in music. We will address both additive and subtractive layering in all parts of a composition, and how this affects the landscape for the listener.


Sound Design

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Sample Selection

What makes certain recordings “sound better” than others? What is the Fidelity of a sample and how does this affect the way we use it? By starting with the right sounds, it will be easier to make the music we want to hear.


What exactly makes sound? The ability to analyze the complexities of wave-tables, frequency, and effects will enable you to understand the the sounds you hear and influence the sounds you create.




Why do we like the music we like? What makes us feel moved by certain songs more than others? The emotions behind the music are just as important as the pursuit of perfecting it.




Find what you love and make it work for you.…

The fundamental principle of owning your own business is a daunting one; ‘How do I get paid?’ seems to be the most popular question amongst young artists. We will go over the many of the potential revenue streams of a professional musician and how to maximize professional influence, as well as creating and keeping a loyal fanbase.

There are no guarantees in the real world, but there are many ways you can hedge your bets and set a course for yourself that directs you to the light of success.